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TC smart Business Hub Tirat Carmel
Construction area: 30,000 sqm.
Estimated beginning of construction: 2020
Project planning: Miloslavsky Architects

Michelangelo Sea of Galilee, Tiberias

Start of construction: 2015.
Project planning: Prof. Gabi Schwartz, Schwartz Besnosoff Architects
The project is populated.

Michelangelo Towers, Tiberias

Start of construction: 2021
Project planning: Prof. Moshe Zur, Moshe Zur Architect

Michelangelo Top 10, Tiberias

Construction units: 10
Project planning: Yehoshua Abu, Architecture and City Building
Estimated beginning of construction: 2020                     
Estimated population: forth quarter of 2021 

Establishment of the “Yaar Zvi” Infrastructure, Tiberias

Construction area: 30,000 sqm.
Beginning of construction: 2014    Construction completed: 2018

Michelangelo Jaffa

Number of units: 42 (incl. 5 affordable housing units)
Project planning: Orian Architects
Population: 2014