We at Piedmont Enterprises view each project as a challenge that reflects the vision of the company to create unique and innovative real estate solutions throughout Israel, while improving the living and tourist experience, and raising our clients and their family members’ quality of life. Our projects are out of the ordinary in entrepreneurship terms, and require creativity, meticulous planning and innovative solutions, while emphasizing the suitability of materials and planning to the environment. Thus, in all our projects we work with the highest level of professionals and experts in their field, and view them as partners in creation throughout the construction and until the project is populated.

Goldfarb-Zeligman and Co. – Legal Consultation

One of the leading legal firms in the country. The firm provides a diverse range of legal services and specializes, among other areas, in real estate. The firm has over 80 years of experience in the area.

Moshe Zur City Builders Architects – Michelangelo Towers Planning

The success of the firm is based on smart project planning, maximizing the initiator benefits while at the same time bettering the public space. Planning that provides a response to the totality of aspects including financial, functional, and quality design together with a response to the demands of the authorities and the needs of the public. In many projects, their planning and use of materials and details are groundbreaking, innovative, and original.

Eldar Real Estate Marketing – Project Marketing

The leading company in real estate project marketing in Israel, standing behind the leading projects in the country. Since its establishment, the company has marketed tens of thousands of apartments all over Israel at an un-seconded professional level and with inspiring innovation.

Efrati Madpis – Engineering Supervision

The company specializes in complex engineering project management for the private and public sectors. The company has led and managed varied and complex projects around the country including the Rubinstein Tower in Tel Aviv, the Sonol Tower, the Ayalon Tower in the Diamond Exchange district, and a variety of other projects.

Bar Orian Architects – Michelangelo Jaffa Planning

Over the years of it operation, the firm has built its reputation as one of the leading firms in the urban renewal of Tel Aviv Jaffa. In a long line of preservation work, construction additions, and the integration of new building in the existing landscape, the firm has created an architectural presence in the city.

Schwartz Besnosoff Architects and City Builders – Michelangelo Sea of Galilee Planning

The architect of Michelangelo Sea of Galilee, Prof. Gaby Schwartz, one of the leading members of the field in Israel, and of global reputation, winner of the 2003 Rechter Prize, provides unique planning characterized by intimacy, privacy and a perfect architectural character, combining the project with the mesmerizing views of the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Galilee.

Hapoalim Bank

Piedmont Enterprises works with the leading banks in the country, providing the strongest guarantee for property buyers, according to the Sales Law – Bank Guarantee.

Mizrahi Tfachot Bank

Piedmont Enterprises works with the leading banks in the country, and accompanies its buyers throughout the mortgage process and the Sales Law bank guarantees until the property is delivered to the buyer.

Lawyer Nirit Morad-Mizrahi – Legal Consultation

One of the leading legal offices in Tiberias and the area, specializing in real estate and land with great experience in the hotel sector.

Greenberg-Ulpiner and Associates – Assessors

Established in 1994, and currently one of the leading companies in the field. The company provides its clients with a variety of services in the field of land assessment.

Yehezkel Morad Ltd. – Development Contractor

The company deals with the development of infrastructure and roads, water and sewage projects, communication lines, breakwaters and complex dirt works.

Etz Hashaked Engineering – Building Contractor

Contractors serving as the implementation division of Etz Hashaked Entrepreneurs, as well as external clients. The company constructs residential, commerce and office spaces, specializing in tower construction according to the Beranovitz Spencrum method. The company guideline is aimed at meeting the demands of the budget, quality, and schedule. The company bases itself on its quality human capital, including engineers, supervisors, residential change coordinators, acquisitions department, budget control department, bids and supervision departments.

Sotheby’s Israel – Marketing for the Anglo-Saxon Public

The local branch of the famous auctioneers. The company’s main expertise is in the field of arts, jewelry, and prestigious real estate. The company has over 40 branches worldwide, dealing with luxury properties for an especially qualitative audience.

Hold Real Estate – Marketing for the Anglo Saxon Public

The company specializes in creating investment opportunities in the Israeli residential market for Jewish investors around the world. Thus they ensure the continued investment and connection between Jews in the diaspora and the State of Israel.

Barnes Israel – Marketing for the Francophile Public

The local branch of the international Barnes agency that specializes in the sales and rental of luxury properties. The company operates unique crews that deal with unique assets with a profit yielding potential, both in the residential and commercial areas.