The only way you can predict
the future is to build it   .  

Alan Kay


Established 2009, Piedmont Enterprises ltd is a real estate developer specializing in unique real estate that demands creativity, meticulous planning, and innovative engineering solutions. Throughout the planning of each of the company’s projects, a great effort is invested in order to maximize product value, beginning with choice of location, maximizing the advantages of the terrain, and optimizing architectural and statutory planning.

Throughout its existence, Piedmont Enterprises has established a reputation of thoroughness, sound Management, level headed financial conduct, and excellent relations with its suppliers and the varied regulatory institutions. Over the years, the company has branded its projects with the name “Michelangelo” – extraordinary real estate projects in the urban landscape, which to date include:

Michelangelo Jaffa in Jaffa-Tel Aviv,

Michelangelo Sea of Galilee, the most Prestigious Tiberias neighborhood,

Michelangelo Top 10 in the upper part of Tiberias,

Michelangelo Towers, which includes residence, commerce and hotel in Tiberias,

and Michelangelo  K30, an office and commerce building in the northern entrance to Tirat Carmel.

These projects have branded the company as the groundbreaking and innovative company that it is.

Eyal Amir

Founder and CEO

Prior to the establishment of Piedmont Enterprises, Eyal was active in developing hundreds of residential units in two market segments in Cyprus – vacation units for investors from the international market, mainly British, and saturated construction for local residents.

Before embarking on his career in real estate, Eyal worked in leading telecommunications organizations such as ECI Telecom. After finishing his job in the U.S. Silicon valley for the global Motorola Company, Eyal returned to Israel and founded Piedmont Enterprises.

Eyal has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Sociology from Tel Aviv University.

Shai Geva

Founder and Partner

Shai is responsible for construction planning, coordinating the varied engineering consultants, and supervising the company projects in the field.  In addition, Shai is in charge of the day-to-day logistic operation of the company, and coordinating dozens of subproviders in order to meet construction budget and timetable constraints.

Shai has vast experience in managing, motivating, and organizing the work force in mid-sized organizations. In the past, Shai acted as founder and partner in successful food chains including the “Sushia”, “Same Same”, “Go-Noodles” and Martines Fine Bake Shop – a successful chain of pastry shops in New York, USA.

While founding these chains, Shai was in charge of developing the business concept, developing the financial model, the fundraising, and the establishing in practice.

Shai was in charge of recruiting the managerial staff in all the chains, and the direct and indirect management of hundreds of employees.