Michelangelo Sea of Galilee, Tiberias

A new residential neighborhood that spreads out over 10 hectares in the topmost area of the city of Tiberias, facing the breathtaking panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, and Upper Galilee.

As part of the project, the neighborhood’s entire infrastructure was planed and built alongside 10 high-rises and dozens of land plots for separate units. The neighborhood constitutes as the gateway to the city and can be seen throughout the city.

The project is the city’s prominent and most sought after project, dominating the current Tiberian real estate surge.

The new neighborhood will provide a unique opportunity to combine a rare residential experience at a level yet unknown in the area and the highest quality of living in a green, open environment. 

The variety of assets in the project created a newfound positive migration to the city, making it possible to appeal to diverse target audiences, including local residents searching for the opportunity to upgrade their residences, Israeli investors, and international purchasers mostly from France, the United States, England, and South Africa.

  • Number of units: 160 saturated construction units and 36 ground plot units.
  • Project planning: Prof. Gabi Schwartz, Schwartz Besnosoff Architects
  • Population Stage A (6 buildings): populated
  • Population Stage B (4 buildings): populated.

“The only way you can predict
the future is to build it

Alan Kay

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