“Yaar Zvi” Infrastructure, Tiberias

The company completed the planning and construction of the infrastructure for the Michelangelo Sea of Galilee neighborhood as part of the neighborhood construction totaling millions of NIS. The project included sewage and draining infrastructure throughout the neighborhood, broad electrical infrastructure both residential and public, and a huge weight wall at the front of the neighborhood that constitutes the support and reinforcement for the whole neighborhood.

A square in the southern area of the neighborhood connecting the new neighborhood to the older part of the city and extensive open public areas including a large green garden area, sports and fitness facilities, coolers for drinking, benches, pedestrian paths, shading, and more, were also built.

Michelangelo Sea of Galilee project transformed the facade of Tiberias, supplying an answer to a demand for quality residential experience combined with the highest quality of living in a green open environment, generating positive migration to the city and an income of investors both local and international.

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